Visualize the structure & data flow
      of the project elements. Develop the test plan right upfront
      in the SDLC. Integrate batch and online in your test plan.

Test planning with LFSentinel is easy and effective as it uses the up-to-date knowledge developed by Profiling and Analytical Tools to assist you in creating a solid test plan.


The support of testing is a key design criterion of LFSentinel and is more crucial now than ever.  The trend of outsourcing only fuels the need for testing as the impact of the deliverable on the enterprise must be understood and evaluated to avoid service outages.


Testing with confidence requires good knowledge of the application.  More often than not, testers do not have access to this level of knowledge, especially independent testers and integration testers.




To plan a comprehensive test for two or more elements, it is necessary to test all the application paths that connect the elements.  LFSentinel can help you generate such a test plan for a hand-selected list of elements or an imported list from the concurrent development records.

Creating solid test plans will minimize the 70% of a developer's time spent chasing errors.  This will free up the application specialists to address higher value-added issues such as supporting integrated testing and applying regression test plans for mission-critical business applications.

The support of testing will continue to be a key design objective of LFSentinel and is a major focus for future development.