Legacy Forward provides innovative and powerful solutions for legacy mainframe IT applications.  Our integrated products and services maximize the return on your investment in enterprise applications, most of which are mission-critical.


Our product, LFSentinel, delivers automated and up-to-date intelligence about the infrastructure of the enterprise applications and quickly conquers the complexity of the enterprise with our unique and powerful analytical tools.


The net impact is an estimated 20% increase in the productivity of the SDLC (System Development Life Cycle).  As research time is reduced from days/weeks to minutes, LFSentinel eliminates mundane tasks, freeing application and testing specialists to put their expensive skills to more effective use.




Our services are centered about our product and leverage our team's technical skills to bridge the gap between project needs and the enterprise knowledge available to the application specialists.  Our team thoroughly documents and analyzes your legacy enterprise, quickly delivering the necessary intelligence for a major upgrade or a project in crisis.


Industry studies report that 70% of a developer's time is spent in false starts and error correction.  Our enterprise intelligence is not only useful for application design; its test planning features improve the quality of implementation and minimize errors.


Whether you are maintaining an existing application, upgrading it, or planning to replace it, you will want Legacy Forward products and services on your team.
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